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Then you will call on me

and come and pray to me,

and I will listen to you.

[ JEREMIAH 29: 12 ]


Epworth UMC offers opportunities for folks of all ages to flex their spiritual muscles through small groups, Sunday School, intercessory prayer and bible studies.



We have an ongoing prayer list that is continuously updated and disseminated daily to our congregation.  Our parish nurse, Sis Mills, is the caretaker of our prayer requests and is happy to add folks who need to be lifted in prayer.  Sis can be reached through e-mail or by calling 704.786.6183.



Praying in the Parlor is a group of prayer warriors who meet on Monday evenings and spend time in intercessory prayer.  Intercessory prayer is prayer for others. An intercessor is one who takes the place of another or pleads another's case.  Praying in the Parlor extends a standing invitation to anyone who wishes to pray for others and to those who wish to be prayed for by others.  Praying in the Parlor meets on Mondays at 7pm (in the parlor).



Prayer blankets are a visible and tactile reminder of being wrapped in prayer and God's love.  Prayer blankets are given to folks who are ill, recovering, grieving and even celebrating births.  Blankets are presented to the congregation and they are blessed and prayed over before being given to the recipient.  For more information on Epworth's Prayer Blanket Ministry contact Teresa Gray.



Spending time immersed in study and understanding of God's word is another way to build on our relationship with Christ and with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Epworth offers several bible studies throughout the year facilitated by our pastor as well as lay persons.  Studies range in content and interests.  Some of our previous studies include:


 ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES                  Sunday School meets Sunday mornings at 9:50am

PATHWAYS CLASS Meets downstairs in Rm 14. Use workbook/DVD series to study various social and theological topics.  Open to all ages; primarily couples and young adults.

CHI RHO CLASS Meets in the library which is on the main floor of the educational wing.  Chi Rho uses study books, primarily from Methodist preacher and author, James W. Moore to engage in discussion.  Chi Rho is open to all ages.

SEEKERS CLASS Meets in the parlor which is adjacent to the welcome center in the narthex.  This class uses the International Lessons Series - a structured guide to reading and studying the bible.  Class is team taught on a rotational basis.  Seekers is open to all ages.

EPWORTH CLASS Meets in the fellowship hall.  Teaching is bible-based and led by Chris Hughes.  There is singing, discussion and study of the Word.  Epworth class is open to all ages.